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Original Shows Circus Circus Krone Post Monkeys

Original Shows Circus Circus Krone Post Monkeys

Original Shows Circus Circus Krone Post Monkeys   Original Shows Circus Circus Krone Post Monkeys

No copy from us no copy we sell only original period posters. On linen, linen backed in our own studio. Secure roll Insured shipping for value. We send in secured roll insured for the value. For backing up your posters.

(Photo examples of our work and estimate on request). Is the largest circus in Europe. This is a traditional family business that was founded in 1905. Under the name \Then the direction of the circus was assured by his daughter frieda sembach-krone whose husband Carl sembach-krone.

Father Carl krone senior on 19 September. Their granddaughter christel sembach-krone (born 1936) is the current director-owner of the company krone.

The birth of the circus. Originally, carl Senior krone creates a fun menagerie of \At that time, the krone family owned a menagerie consists of a trailer and five cars cage.

After the death of his father, Carl Krone Junior supports the family business. He changed the name of his father's menagerie in 1902.

To call Menagerie charles tamer. Carl krone junior based in Circus Krone bream under the banner of \The circus is renamed \The circus tent is transformed into three tracks for a few seasons in the US.

During the Jubilee of 2005 (for the 100 years of the circus) is christel sembach-krone who runs the circus and is known since 1956. In his liberty dressage horses. It is considered the creator of \As a successor, she chose the young jana mandana, his goddaughter. The Krone has a circus tent 5000 seats, 64 and 48 meters in a marquee 14 meters in height.

It covers an area of ​​about 3000 square meters. Since 1919, the circus also has a permanent building, the kronebau (3000 seats) in the street in Munich in March. And is the only European circus with a fixed seat. The street adjacent to the street where March is built kronebau was renamed in 1967 at the initiative of Mayor Hans-Jochen Vogel.

The krone circus has a similar infrastructure in a city: a school, workshops, kitchen staff, a saddlery, a tailor shop, the fire brigade, a central electricity and more. Pets: about 12 lions (including a white lion, king tonga), 6 elephants asia and africa 2 elephants (including the largest of the Asian male elephants in the world, joe colonel, who died in 2013), 1 rhinoceros, pig-tailed macaques, goats, porcupine, 1 boar, about 60 horses, ponies, 4 camels, parrots, 4 zebras and llamas. There are more tigers in the summer of circus krone. A strong institution is also the charity event \The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. age: retro (1900-1979) <\/ li>
  2. dimensions: 60 x 30 cm <\/ li>
  3. Print: color <\/ li>
  4. Theme: Circus <\/ li>
  5. Manufacturing country: f <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Original Shows Circus Circus Krone Post Monkeys   Original Shows Circus Circus Krone Post Monkeys