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Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2

Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2
Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2
Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2
Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2
Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2

Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2   Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2
No copy from us no copy we sell only original period posters. On linen, linen backed in our own studio. Sending secure roll insured for the value. We send in secured roll insured for the value. For backing up your posters. (Photo examples of our work and estimate on request). National Circus School and art scene, Artist name mikhail Nikolayevich Rumyantsev Russian, Is a famous clown. In Russian, the Russian word Karandash.

He is the professor of famous clowns oleg popov. The honorary title of People's Artist of the USSR. He was awarded in 1969. In 1914, Karandash trained at the school of drawing and craft of the Imperial society of encouragement of the fine arts. In 1922, he moved to Staritsa.

Where he makes his living by drawing posters for the City Theater. In 1925, he moved to tver. With its theater and remains finally. A year later, he decided to become an artist, moved to Moscow. And integrates the circus school. In 1928, he began performing. Dressed in a complete and of a black hat, it imposes a new model clown, lonely, naive and cunning inspired by Charlot. Gradually it brings personal touches to his character.

In 1930, he released the promotion of national circus school and art scene. He began performing in circuses of Smolensk. Then, from 1935 to the great national circus petersburg.

In 1936, he was invited to integrate the circus troupe of Moscow's Tsvetnoy Boulevard. At the same time he was accompanied on stage by a dog, a Scottish terrier. From kliaksa name (in Russian: \This is a new kind of comic, the august Soviet. His pseudonym was first written in French caran ache to simplify over time also. From 1940, he began to enlist in its numbers some of his students, including Nikulin youri.

The Karandash career lasted nearly 50 years. This is the first Soviet clown whose popularity exceeded the borders.

He became known in Finland, in France, in the GDR. In Italy, England, in Brazil and elsewhere. He went on stage for the last time two weeks before his death. The artist is buried in the cemetery Kuntsevo. The National Circus School and art scene bears his name since 1987. Order of Red Banner of Labor.

People's Artist of the USSR. Its characteristics have been much devolution in time. Today, the circus is without its circular stage, indoors or in particular places, along with theater, dance, etc.

Was \With the appearance of circus schools in France and abroad at the end. Growing opposition to the use of wild animals in these shows.

Circus artists are emancipated from the traditional family and very few of them are children of the ball. The name is also a bone of contention since the 1970s between purists traditional circus and the avant-garde that use the same word to practice an art ultimately very different.

In modern usage, a circus is a group of artists. Traditionally traveling, which usually comprises acrobats. Of animals and gives clowns. Century, the circus is a live performance. People organized around a circular stage which owes its name.

Western design takes inspiration dune circus way or another ancient Roman games. As well as jugglers and troubadours. The first performance of a modern circus in London. And is the work of Philip astley. Return Veteran of America, he decided to represent equestrian shows with acrobatic demonstrations in philip astley's riding school, riding school in which is built the first circular track to keep the horses from the center, after the maid ( whips long handle used by horse trainers) whose length determined the international dimension of the diameter of the track. The marriage of military and equestrian showman world. Around the circle is established lorsqu'astley enlivens his show with jugglers, mimes and other outfielders. Adding seats and a conical roof to the ring in 1773. This new form of entertainment, mainly based on equestrian exercises, is then introduced in France in 1774 by astley who opened the first stable establishment Circassian and fixed amphitheater English . Submitting a tiger menagerie van aken in Bavaria. And imagine a method that combines violence and sweetness.

Master of the arena and presenter of the circus, true red and mark between numbers, was already present. Cirque Franconi: horsewoman of exercises. The liberal regime of the Third Republic. In France favored the democratization of leisure. If the theater was still the type most legitimate show, the circus then had the strong passion of a subject because it involved two audiences: the aristocrats who recognized themselves in the squires embodying the aristocracy of the circus and equestrian art, central to collective identity of the nobility since the middle ages.

And the people attracted to the show touring companies plying the France. Under the impetus of Theodore rancy, circuses \The Franconi family founded successively in Paris, three circus theater named \Establishments situated Saint-Honoré street. Establishment located rue du Faubourg du Temple. Establishments situated boulevard du Temple. In their prime, the Franconi had, in the Napoleonic era, wild animals in their circus made of old equestrian and acrobatic acts.

The circus has always existed, but the gladiators of yore there remains only the memory as acrobats, jugglers, mimes and clowns replaced them. In the third, the creation in 1831 of pantomime. At great show \The tamer Henri Martin was hired, with its wild, by the Franconi brothers who went up to him this pantomime in which the Marseilles tamer cats were presented behind a trellis placed on the front of the stage.

Fonda his first circus (traveling tent) to Rouen. Then constructed the following hard: in Geneva. Century Paris had several circuses sedentary activity.

Napoleon Circus (1852), the current Winter Circus. \(With a convertible track pool for water pantomimes). The Molier circus, founded in 1880 by Ernest Molier.

Near the Bois de Boulogne, benouville street. During the two annual performances, artists and aristocrats mix on the track for numbers where the horses have the spotlight. The racecourse at the bridge of Alma. Inaugurated in 1877, mixing lions, elephants and chariot races, which closes in 1892, and was succeeded in 1894.

The racecourse de Mars field and in 1900. The jack elephant in Paris Hippodrome (1885).

The circus menagerie succeeded the equestrian circus. Founded in 1854 by an English family, pinder, circus britania. Traverse the round in 1868 and took the circus hippodrome name of pinder brothers. The convoys were pulled by horses.

The merger circus menagerie was popularized by the English circus Lord George sanger between 1856 and 1870, at a time when his collection of exotic animals was the largest among itinerant menageries of britain. Century, Barnum and his successors, in the United States.

Gave a boost to the circus. In 1871, Phineas Taylor Barnum. With his associates william cameron shot and Dan Castello, exploited the first Barnum circus included in a set traveling by train and uniting museum curiosities, menagerie, convoy and marquee.

Allied with James Anthony Bailey. In 1881 he created the first big 3 tracks that took the name of \barnum & bailey circus to associate with them, the ringling bros. Circus, founded in 1884, and formed in 1919, the largest on Earth: the Ringling Bros.

And Barnum & Bailey circus. The greatest show on earth. Founded in Hamburg in 1887 under the name of \west show Buffalo bill. Established in 1884, toured in Europe in 1889 and in 1905.

The performance of the American West. Scored long minds especially in France where Sampion Bouglione.

Father collected a stock of posters of the true heroes of the Wild West. Acquired in 1926 a large tent used and gave him the name \The Sarrasani circus, created in 1902 in Dresden. In 1919, the brothers (Friedrich, Rudolf, and karl eugen) knie transformed the family arena open pit in a circus tent under Lenseigne \The circus sest transformed into exotic spectacle of animals with the wild presence and made his fame (or advertising) by exposure during a parade or in a menagerie. In 1932, the American circus Ringling Bros.

Had a rich menagerie of wild animals 1000. In 1934, the German circus Krone. \Had in his menagerie more than 800 animals. Between the two world wars, French circuses annexed to their institution a menagerie.

The reverse also occurred, fairground menageries adding a circus show at their facility. It was also at this time that the French circuses motorisèrent their road convoys. The circus menagerie is characterized by the presence of trainers or animal trainers among siblings or circus families. Alfred (brother jules) Short forma in 1923 to his first zoo-circus mixed wild group entitled \The Amar brothers were all tamers: Ahmed, the eldest of amar, presented tigers and elephants, ali polar bears, lions and Sharif Mustafa, after an accident with a tiger, assured the leadership of the circus.

Older Bouglione became specialized: Sampion as horse trainer, joseph as elephant trainer, firmin as lion tamer and circus alexander as administrator. Roger spessardy (brother of Charles Spiessert) was lion tamer in pinder and directed the menagerie.

On the eve of the Second World War. He was traveling fifty-four circuses, all categories by France roads. To spice up their programs, they mingled with the circus elements foreign to the track: celebrity presenters, music hall artists benefits. Exhibitions of sports champions and radio games. The Italian circus American circus.

Began with its tent three tracks, a tour in France at the end of 1979, which was followed by others until 1986. In 1981, the Bouglione circus takes the name of american parade and d 'american circus to thwart his rival. In 1973, Jean Richard in 1978 and 1983 rancy in 1978 and in 1987, Achille Zavatta in 1991 and the case american circus. 1979 will mark the \Few sedentary circuses fixed circuses or winter circuses.

Survived, but travelers institutions were very many. In Germany: busch-roland Hagenbeck, Althoff, Krone, Sarrasani, barum; Roncalli.

In Britain: Bertram mills, chipperfield, billy smart. In Italy: togni, Orfei, Casartelli, bellucci. In Belgium: of jonghe (who also turned to the Belgian Congo). In the USA: Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey who left the show in a marquee in 1956, Clyde Beatty - bros school, Carson & Barnes, Vargas.

New circus and contemporary circus. In the 1970s circus sessouffle then, in need of renewal and facing some opposition to the use of wild animals in circuses. While the movement of circus appeared in France. It is carried by the democratization of the circus with the opening circus décoles approved by the French federation of circus schools. The circus souvre and challenges. Circus here - Johann the Guillerm etc. A challenged the conventions of the circus, said now traditional circus, which, however, remains alive, assimilating some of the innovations of the new circus.

The shows of arlette gruss. For example, adopt costumes and music close to those of the Quebec circus of the sun. While continuing to present numbers of traditional disciplines, particularly training exercises. Moreover, with the creation of schools, regional and national meetings are being introduced, which gives the circus of sports and artistic touches. The new generation of artists of the 1990s now claims more than the circus, and is called more readily contemporary circus.

Or \The boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, and the shows are inspired more movement performance. While away from the spectacular side or sensational feature of traditional circus or even the circus.

In January 2017, the Barnum circus. This decision, due to the decline in revenue, which is linked to the fact that this circus shows no show using wild animals, is hailed by animal advocates. List of various specialties represented. It's like a Chinese pole but bracing; ie it is a more or less iron bar. With a small base, which allows to move it to the stage area. This is a listening game and balance for at least two people. Circus here - Johann the Guillerm. Cirque lydia Zavatta held by CAPLOT brother. Radio circus, circus-jean richard zoo, circus from France / ben-hur. Cirque joubinaux cultural and educational workshops on circus arts. Music and orchestra of a circus. The most traditional training are composed of wind instruments such as trumpets, trombones, saxophones and tuba, a xylophone and a battery including marking the drumbeats introducing suspense before a perilous feat of acrobatic prowess followed by every successful exploit reinforced by a cymbal crash. The orchestra is usually located slightly behind above the stage door, allowing the conductor and musicians to have a good overview on the stage and evolution of these in order to match music and rhythm to as. European circus, cork circus festival. (Belgium): Annual since 1991 (formerly Launch tracks), international biennial circus of the disaster area (Brussels, Belgium): Biennial in March since 1998. Festival of Circus Arts of Brussels.

(Belgium): Annual in April since 2008. Recirque Park Festival of Sherbrooke. (Quebec, Canada): Annual in June since 2005.

Global public entertainers of three rivers. (Quebec, Canada): Annual in July 1992. Completely Circus (Quebec, Canada): Annual in July since 2010. Turbo fest (Quebec, Canada): Annual in January since 2007. (New Brunswick, Canada) since 2012.

The workshop tray made his circus, paris: annual circus program in October since 2002. Festival cirko gallop muizon, annual since 2004, traditionell circus lamarche family, horse art action. Annual, last weekend in May since 1997. Circus caravan, organized by the granary (manufactures circus) and the lido.

Annual end of October 1988. The sleek, arts festival gesture istres. Annual in February since 1999. Festisis, circus festival and performing arts.

In the area of ​​the valley aisne. Annual, in July, since 1998. International Circus Festival of Val d'Oise. Festival of Circus Arts of the Grand quevilly. European Festival of circus performers, saint-paul-lès-dax. Annual, in November, since 1999. International Circus Festival of Bayeux. Every 2 years in early March since 2005. International Circus Festival of Grenoble. Annual end of November since 2002. International Circus Festival of Massy.

International Festival of circus tricks. World Circus Festival of Tomorrow, paris: annual, last January weekend since 1977, founded by Isabelle and Dominique Mauclair. Annual end of June since 2006. Furies, circus and theater festival of street châlons-en-Champagne.

Cirq Hip hop, circus festival and hip-hop. Annual end of June since 2009. Unexpected, the festival of circus arts and street manderen. Annual, the first weekend of August. January in the stars, contemporary circus festival Seyne-sur-Mer.

Annual end of January since 2000. The juggler is in the field, juggling convention nonville. Annual, in September since 2000.

Midi-Pyrenees makes its circus Avignon. Annual, in July in the festival off Avignon, since 2006, organized by subsidized theater circuits.

D'auch, the granary (manufactures circus balma) and the lido. (Center of Circus Arts of Toulouse). The new festival of Alba-la-Romaine. Parade (s), festival of street arts of Nanterre. Annual, in May since 1990.

Annual, in autumn and in April since 1993. Trackers of stars, circus festival of Obernai. The route of the circus, contemporary circus festival nexon. Annual in August since 2000. Meeting of juggling, the courneuve.

Annual, in April since 2008. Second gesture, the festival of circus arts saint-pair-sur-mer. The circus week carmaux circus festival.

Annual in February since 2004. Solstice Arts Festival antony circus. Annual, in June, since 2001. Under the Chapitô, bagnolet circus festival. Including the Clown Festival, burlesque and eccentric: Annual, in April, since 2005.

As long as there seagulls, meetings & circus music, langueux. By the company Galapiat: Annual in April since 2008. Circus Village, paris: Annual in October since 2005, organized by street and circus cooperative (2r2c).

International Circus Festival of Budapest. (Hungary): every 2 years since 1996. International Festival of Monte Carlo circus.

(Principality of Monaco): annual, since 1974. (China): every 2 years since 1987. Contemporary circus festival chicago - \The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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    Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2   Original Poster Poster Circus Circus Clown Karandash Rumyantsev 2