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Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos

Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos
Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos
Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos
Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos
Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos
Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos
Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos

Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos    Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos

No copying - no repro. 120 cm x 160 cm. (+ 4cm ideal stabilizer for framing or pins).

(+ 4 cm linen backing margin for framing). Entoilée and restored by us. On linen, linen backed in our own workshop. Graham Hill In His hi-winged lotus 49 During practice for the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix, he Went there to win the last five de son Monaco victories on sunday May 18, 1969.

In a plane crash, is a racing driver. He played in 176 grands prix, winning fourteen wins and two titles of world champion drivers in 1962.

Also of winning such prestigious events as the 500 miles of Indianapolis. And the 24 hours of Le Mans.

He is the only driver in history holder of the triple crown. Has also become drivers world champion in Formula 1. Born into a modest family, graham hill is very far from destine to motorsport.

At 24, an age at which some drivers begin to shine on the circuits of Formula 1. He has not passed his driving. Especially passionate rowing (he heads the eight crossed the london rowing club), he worked in the city's peaceful mechanical engineering business in Smiths instruments, watches. At the end of 1953, knowing that Graham has finally pass his license, a work colleague invited him to try a cooper Formula 3.

That flight school intends to hire pilots apprentices, with five shillings round. The experience was a revelation for graham immediately decides to give up everything to become a professional pilot. Without money and knowing no other way to tackle the motorsport, Graham intends to perform small tasks on behalf of a flight school. He also attended the steering wheel club in London, a club reserved for drivers.

Needle thread, he met Colin Chapman. With whom he sympathizes and who offers to work for him in lotus. Recruited as a mechanic, graham occasionally gets right to drive in minor events (mainly tourism racing), and showed some talent. In 1957, believing that Chapman did not give him enough his luck, he left Lotus for the official team cooper.

Where he confirms his growing potential, to the point that Chapman asked him to return to the fold, but this time in the world championship of Formula 1 Graham Hill made his World Championship debut in 1958. On the occasion of Monaco grand Prix. The team Lotus, which also starts at the highest level, is so far from the machine to innovate and win it will be throughout the years 1960 and 1970, and Hill had to settle for modest cars lotus 12 . From the grand prize of France. His best result was a sixth place at the Grand Prix of Italy. It will eventually not rated championship, sixth place is not credited with a point at that time. Also at Lotus in 1959. Hill driver all season lotus 16 heavily inspired by the Vanwall.

World Champion, whose creator was none other than Chapman himself, more powerful than the 12 debut, though it did not engulfed in the inevitable way of the rear engine initiated by Cooper. But these performances are on the rise marred by more than random reliability, so much so that at night the great italy price. Marked by yet another abandonment and a point counter desperate virgin, he slams the door lotus.

In November he took part in the first competition karting. By rac: Lakenheath great price. Despite a lawsuit brought by Chapman, Hill joined BRM. At the edge of the season 1960.

With an innovative braking system (single rear brake), the BRM is far from a bad car and English the opportunity to make some nice strokes of brilliance in mind platoon. But a succession of troubles (pilot error, mechanical breakages) prevents implements its performance, except for the grand prize from the Netherlands. Where it goes up on the third step of the podium. Is significantly worse for Hill, who suffers the lack of preparation of BRM to the new regulations limiting engine capacity to 1 500 cm.

And to thus use a 4-cylinder engine coventry climax. It marks only three points. When large price germany 1962. After many seasons galley, 1962.

Finally is the year of the takeoff to hill and BRM. The race marked the end of stirling moss career. When starting the World Championship, its dominance is hampered by the revolutionary Lotus 25 monohull jim clark. But enjoying greater reliability which had hitherto lacking, it imposes great opening price at Zandvoort.

(Surrender), he loses to Clark. But nevertheless consolidates its leading position in the championship.

A power failure in Rouen. And another heavy defeat at aintree. Seem to mark the turn of the championship while Clark and his Lotus appear more compelling than ever, but reverses the hill with steam plume at the large price of Germany.

Where in the rain, he emerged victorious from a fierce fight with Dan Gurney. It drives the point home with a third victory at Monza.

This allows him to dig a gap of sixteen points on jim clark, besides himself beaten by the very regular bruce mclaren. The hill advance is relative, however, because it has already scored points on six occasions (while only the five best results count), and should begin to withdraw its worse. Clark discusses the championship final with a delay of nine points on hill, and a real chance to blow the title in English since it is enough to him to win to reach the championship and be titrated to the more profit wins (again because of regulation that allows to capitalize its top five results, even a second place of hill would in effect to a goalless draw). Author of the pole position. Clark took the race in hand from the start, and twenty laps, so is the champion of the virtual world. But an engine failure on the lotus of the Scottish driver has victory and his first world title with graham hill. 1963: in the shadow of jim clark. Hill in 1963 (gp from the Netherlands). World Champion title, graham hill starts its season 1963. From the most beautiful way, with a win at Monaco. (The first of a series). It is evident from a racing pattern already observed several times last season, that the strongman of the race was jim clark.

Forced to give up on gearbox trouble when he had the race firmly in hand. The rest of the season will not at all in the image of this great opening price: clark continue to dominate, but without breaking and it is the opposite hill will be overwhelmed by the troubles of all kinds.

Only late in the season at Watkins glen. Sufficient performance to finish runner-up in the world, but far from invincible Clark. 1964 bitter defeat in mexico. Forced to consider the lotus domination BRM abandoned in 1964. His conservative technical approach and began to turn in the path of the monocoque (actually a semi-monocoque chassis). This solution allows BRM fill part of his performance behind Lotus.

According to a now-usual scenario, clark hill dominates and wins. Dominated (and this time beat) by clark at major price Holland. Hill nevertheless manages to keep in touch in the championship thanks to its regularity. A new second place nürburgring.

He can even take control overall. At the first of the last two grands prix of the championship, the hill leading position is nevertheless very fragile, with already six points finishes, he will have to begin to entrench its worse, and also his eternal rival clark it is now under threat john surtees ferrari, Author of a remarkable second half of the championship. He won his second win of the season, but the championship, the effect is almost zero since obliged to retrench a result, it contains only one item on surtees second arrived. The grand finale of the championship takes place in mexico. With three drivers mathematically able to be titrated: hill, surtees (five points) and Clark (nine points). At 35 laps, clark is ahead gurney. While Hill was third just ahead of Lorenzo Bandini.

And that is surtees fifth. For Graham, although he will have to deduct the points from his fourth place in Zandvoort, this position is sufficient to ensure a second world title.

But it is when he is hit by Lorenzo Bandini (surtees of teammate at Ferrari) following him too closely. Obliged to observe a long pit stop, he goes away points.

So jim clark becomes virtual world champion since at this stage of the race he took six points and nine points surtees hill (with the benefit of a greater number of wins). And even though Bandini let pass his teammate surtees, nothing would change. Gurney takes the top of the race ahead of Bandini and surtees, which means graham hill becomes world champion for a small point!

But leaving voluntarily spend surtees to arrival, Bandini offers teammate two points sufficient to blow the world title hill, which will only comment on the disputed circumstances of his defeat by a lapidary. \Became the classic World Championship, dueling clark-hill again in 1965. But as in 1963, Clark and Lotus are simply untouchable, and the legendary hill regularity is of no help to him. It benefits all the same no clark busy arguing and winning the Indianapolis 500 miles. To win in style his favorite race, the Monaco Grand Prix. Party at the beginning of the race mistake while trying to avoid the brabham. He should leave his car to deliver it in the direction of the race and began a wild chase that ends with what is perhaps the greatest victory of his career. The rest of the season is more difficult for Hill, who also clark domination, internal suffers the rise of his young teammate, rookie Jackie Stewart.

With a victory at the end of season in Watkins glen. (Which with Monaco, and the other championship circuit on which it has been traditionally successful), it nevertheless provides a new place of vice world champion. The Lola-Ford T90 special red ball (here at a historical event) that imposed on the hill 500 miles indianapolis 1966.

The beautiful series of Hill, who plays at the highest level of the championship since 1962 stopped in 1966. The championship was marked by the entry into force of a new engine regulations the maximum permitted capacity is increased to 3 000, believes that bRM well advised to approach with a unique engine h16. True gas plant consists of two V8. Bunk, the h16 will prove to be a fiasco, and brm p83 h16 will not be ready until the end of the season, the P261 in v8 release. Demobilized rapidly and increasingly dominated by stewart, Hill manages to glean some places of honor, but does not get any victory. It nevertheless fifth class of the championship thanks to the points earned with v8. The Hill 1966 season, however, is saved by his success at the prestigious 500 miles of Indianapolis. This is a success that is not without a good dose of luck, the race has been dominated by Jackie Stewart (his teammate, as f1), which broke down to the finish. Nearly seven years after his violent break with colin chapman, graham hill is back at Lotus for season 1967.

Thus forming a duo with Jim Clark. This lotus hill in back owes much to the insistence of the giant Ford. New Lotus partner and for commercial reasons, had demanded that aligns chapman a duet of \Lotus, out of a painful season 1966 (largely because of the engine h16 BRM) addresses 1967 a completely new technical project: the sublime lotus 49.

Having had the honor of developing the Cosworth V8 (largely partly because clark tax exile, in his days of presence in England), hill takes pole position in his first appearance at Zandvoort. But race is clark that is required. Overwhelmed by mechanical problems, hill experiencing a frustrating season overall and did not win a single race. It ranks sixth in the championship with former æaequo pedro rodríguez. Despite the loss of the exclusive use of the engine ford which now have the Matra. Semi-official of the Tyrrell team. Lotus discusses the season 1968. In the position of favorite, given their promising benefits 1967. Although clark hill and enjoy the same status within the team, the strong man of the team is yet indeed clark well. Admired for its professionalism and bravery, hill is not less regarded by most observers as a pilot less talented than the Scottish. In addition, nearly 40 years, he is said to be an older driver, who has his best years behind him. We therefore expect especially that he plays luxury teammates. These considerations on the power relationships within the team lotus brutally shattered when on 7 April. (Easy winner of the first round of the championship in South Africa) was killed in a test of formula 2 to hockenheim. This is done on graham hill that rest all hopes Lotus team. He moved ahead of the world championship and never leave despite the relentless pressure of Jackie Stewart. The Grand Prize of Mexico. Since four years ago, plays the world title in a fight with three during the final round of the championship, but this time it's hill that emerges victorious and won his second world title. The euphoria of the second world title continues hill at the beginning of the season 1969 where he won another victory in Monaco. But this is the swan song for the English veteran, whose top speed is becoming dull, and largely subject to the law of his new teammate, the young Austrian Jochen Rindt. The season ends the same dramatic way to hill, victim Watkins glen. On a serious accident left without complete his safety harness after a first head-to-tail, which forced him to push his own car (as in Monaco in 1965), it violently out of the road moments later, is ejected from his car and is lifted with two broken legs. Hill on brabham BT34 \First 24 Hours of Le Mans 1972. The hill serious injuries seem to spell the end of his career. Defying the odds, however, he made his return to competition at the beginning of 1970. The lotus world championship team not having kept, he found refuge in the famous team of Rob Walker. Who commits lotus privately and with some success as evidenced victory joseph siffert. In great britain 1968 prices but the results are very disappointing, hill not managing to register seven points.

He joined brabham, where he returned to winning on the occasion of the event non-championship International Trophy at the wheel of the famous BT34 called \But the results in World Championship will not follow. The arrival at the head of the team bernie ecclestone. Do not change the situation and continues to fight back of the grid, hoping to glean some points. This 1972 season has yet to score a milestone for Hill, who won the 24 hours of Le Mans. And returned to the pantheon of motorsport by becoming the only driver in history to win the Triple Crown.

That is to say, to have won the Monaco Grand Prix, the 500 miles of Indianapolis and Le Mans. He decided to start his own Formula 1 team, dubbed embassy-hill. The name of a brand of cigarettes. After hiring in 1973 of the frame shadow.

The stable embassy-hill becomes full constructor in 1975. With gh1 (actually an evolution of Lola the previous season). Always driver, but less efficient it fails to qualify for the Monaco Grand Prix. But it takes time to attend the f3 race and noticed the young British driver Tony breeze. He suggested he try gh1.

Brise immediately achieves better performance than the veteran. He then decides to end his career at the great britain price. Where he is content to make a few laps in slow motion, without headphones, to greet the public, which provided him a standing ovation. Returning from a test session at Castellet. It is an accident piloting his private plane a Piper Aztec.

He and his five passengers including a young driver, the great hope of the f1 tony breeze. Statistics in the world championship of Formula 1 Grand Prix: 176 departures. Graham Hill has 179 entries for 176 departures only. This difference is explained by the Package rob walker racing team following trials of the Grand Prize of Italy 1970.

In tribute to Jochen Rindt. Had just killed on the lotus plant and its non-qualification for major south africa price. His only two entries on the hill. Debut F1: 1958 Monaco Grand Prix. Grand Prize from the Netherlands.

First pole position: 1962 Grand Prix of Belgium. Last gp played: 1975 Grand Prix of Brazil. World Championship Results Formula 1. Summary table of results graham hill in Formula 1 Brm brm p25 p48. Brooke Bond Oxo rob walker racing. Embassy Racing with graham hill.

Championship wins World Formula 1. Summary table of Graham Hill wins in Formula 1. Note: with five wins Monaco Grand Prix. Graham Hill has long held the record for success in the principality.

That record was beaten in 1993, and the sixth victory of ayrton senna. Which ironically, was imposed before damon hill. Other victories in Formula 1. Grand Prize of the rand.

Results at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Details graham hill participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Results for 500 miles indianapolis. Table synthetic graham hill commitments to 500.

1961-1963: 9 class success in the British championship cars. On jaguar mk ii 3.8l.

(Followed by passage through ford galaxy). 1963 and 1964: rac tourist trophy.

1964 12 hours of Reims. Lm / w and 1000 kilometers from Paris. On 330P, both races with joakim Bonnier.

Category fia a1, group 1. Mid Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB. / 4 (Class 9) with Luigi Chinetti jr. Average daytona ferrari 365 gtb / 4 with Chinetti jr. And minter, Medium 24 September 1974, on daytona ferrari 365 gtb / 4 with Chinetti jr.

With a presence in Formula 1 spread over seventeen years (1958 to 1975), Graham Hill held the record for the longest career in the sport until 2010, when Rubens barrichello. His record of 176 played great prices was beaten in 1988 by Patrese. Graham Hill is a first pilot to fly a personalized helmet, pilots then simply a solid color. His dark blue helmet, which appears black on photos, decorated with white stripes symbolizing oars, inspired colors of the london rowing club, the rowing club.

It appears -with some Dialogs- short in the film great price. You can contact us for backing up your posters. The fabric is a process (reversible) backup posters.

Do removing any value to the posters on the contrary. (Almost all the posters proposed beautiful auctions are interfaced). Photos and examples of our work rates on request. Interlining interlining in our own workshop - old posters restoration. Feasible large sizes (up to 8 x 120 x 160 cm and 4m x 3m).

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    Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos    Old Original Poster Graham Hill Lotus 49 1969 Stp Oil Formula One F1 Thos