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Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn

Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn
Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn
Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn
Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn

Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn    Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn

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858 786 mjpy at the end of September 2019. 432 967 mjpy in 2018. 13,800 mjpy in 2018.

Is a Japanese company operating in many fields, including musical instruments. It was founded in 1887. By a watchmaker for organ making.

Torakusu Yamaha, but has diversified since the Second World War. Since then, she has become a multinational. Yamaha's seat in Hamamatsu.

Under the name of yamaha fûkin manufacture. It was founded in 1889 by torakusu Yamaha. Torakusu Yamaha, a watchmaker and mechanic, had won in 1887.

A great success in repairing the harmonium. From one of the city's schools. The company made 250 instruments that year. In 1891 it was renamed manufacture Yamaha gakki.

Manufacture of Yamaha musical instruments. For the purpose of making other instruments, and then in 1897, the factory became a stock company called nippon gakki seiz.

Nippon gakki seiz kabushiki gaisha. In 1900, Yamaha returned from the United States. After a year of learning the piano factor trade. The company then began selling its first upright pianos and, two years later, grand pianos. With this success, it continues to diversify by making other instruments: harmonicas, xylophones.

Torakusu yamaha, dies in tokyo on. At the age of 64. In 1930, the nippon gakki created its own acoustic laboratory. During the Second World War, the company was forced to manufacture aircraft propellers and from 1944 to 1947 it would no longer produce any instruments. After the war, economic growth was important, with the company working on various products allowing it to diversify its sewing machine, automobile.

In 1955, Japanese gakki was renamed "Yamaha" in honour of its founder and launched its first motorcycle, the ya-1. Yamaha increases its shareholding in mbk industry. Yamaha buys the manufacturer of batteries and percussion English first percussion limited.

And sells it in February 1995. Re-establish a completely independent society by purchasing Yamaha shares. At the creation of Yamaha motor corporation. The activity of motorcycles and motors separates.

This split is done by exchange of shares with toyota. Yamaha buys the Austrian piano factor bösendorfer. Yamaha buys the American guitar effects manufacturer line 6. Of the brand, which represents three tunings. Crossed, recalls the beginnings of this company, which today is one of the two largest piano manufacturers in the world, about 130,000 units per year.

List of main shareholders at the end. 125 ya-1, first Yamaha motorcycle. The story of Yamaha motor begins with the 125 ya-1 of 1955, largely inspired, like others before it bsa.

German rt 125 of 1939. Unlike honda, Yamaha is, at first, a specialist in 2-stroke engine. Like two other Japanese suzuki. Its standard machines were immediately known for their vivacity and reliability. Yamaha entered the European market in the late 1960s.

With a range of small and medium-sized 2-stroke cylinders, cast iron cylinders, including. 125 ya5 then ya6 monocylinder. 250 yd2 and yd3 then yds1 bicylinder. These machines are original, with very early lubrication by oil injection (autolubic system) and not by mixing.

As early as 1970, these machines evolved by the adoption of aluminium cylinders. 125 as3 (1971), as3 europa (1972, larger tank), then rd (admission by valves), finally rdx disc brake.

The 350 rd after adding an admission per valve, will quickly become the 400 rd following an increase in the cylinder capacity; oddly, the new six-speed transmission of the latter will remain in france limited to five speeds. 250 and 350 rd, then 350 rdlc. (1980), introducing liquid cooling, and cantilever suspension.

Inspired by the vincent hrd. Then the yamaha power valve system (Ypvs) of the exhaust valves. During the 1980s, the 125 rd air-cooled bicylinder will be replaced by the 125 rd six-speed monocylinder with fork head caretaker and liquid cooling and cantilever suspension.

At the end of 1987 this was replaced by the 125 tzr and 250 tzr bicylinders, which were entirely careneous. The last engine came from the 250 tdr.

Dt 125 mx, dt 125 type 10 v first 125 to rally dakar classified during the betting-dakar. 1984 and dt125lc (disc brake). Rd 200, not widely used model with electric start.

Powered by a liquid-cooled bicylinder. Yamaha works extensively on the 2-time technique, with valve intake and the ypvs exhaust valves studied in order to adjust the intake/exhaust agreement. Yamaha is trying successfully in 4-time. Released in 1969 and continued his career until 1982. To counter the success of the honda cb 750 oven. Yamaha released the 750 tx in 1972, a failure due to a fragile mechanics. The 1970s also saw the arrival of Yamaha off-road models trail. : dt 360 in 1973, dt 125, which evolves in dtmx. In 1975, Yamaha revived the fashion of the big monocylinder with the Yamaha xt 500. Trail and its derivatives xt 550. Xt 660 r and x, dark, sr 500.

In 1977, Yamaha released xs 500, 4-time bicylinder with two camshafts in head and eight valves, and xs 750, 4-time tricylinder with transmission per tree and cardan, which evolves in 850. In 1978 the 1100 xs, recognizable by its rectangular headlight, was released. Its bold cylinder capacity makes it the largest Japanese cylinder capacity of the time. Gts 1000 and its front monobras. In 1983, Yamaha released the 900 xj, which evolved in 1984, with a fork-head shading fixed to the frame, technical simplifications and an increase in cylinder capacity to the benefit of flexibility and torque.

There is also the 650 xj, the 750 xj seca without calving, but secondary transmission by cardan also, the 400 and 600. Until 1994 and then replace it with it. Liquid cooling with xz 550. Turbo engine on the xj 650 (no more success than its competitors). Engine with five valves per cylinder. On Fz 750 in 1985. And its front monobras suspension system, its brake caliper before six pistons, injection and a catalytic jar. The first sporty gt scooter in 2001: the tmax. Electronically managed semi-automatic clutch on fjr1300 in 2007. The xv 950 "bolt" in 2013. Three-wheeled motorcycle appeared in 2018, capable of an angle grip of 45°. Sr 500 1992: road version derived from xt 500. Xj 600 s 1996 (us version). Bolt cafe racer at the 2013 tokyo motor show. Mwt-9 niken at the 2015 tokyo motor show. Yamaha reaps many successes in grand prize jarno saarinen. With the tz, close to the serial models at the beginning. He will also be the first to overcome them. And a double 125 and 250. Wins world title 125 in 1973.

In france, Yamaha also sells its scooters 50 and 125. (booster, skycruiser, evolis and skyliner, tryptik, identical to yamaha bw's, x-max, x-city, tricity). Giggle, neos, aerox r, aerox race replica, bw's. Naked, bw's 12 inches, bw's original, bw's next generation, slider naked tzr. Breeze jog r, jog rr, dt50x, dt50r and tzr 50.

X-max 125, majesty 125, cygnus x, x-city 125, vity, bw's 125, yzf r125. Wr 125, sr 125, ybr 125 125 yze, mt125, 125zr n max 125.

Tricity 125, tri-z 250, tri-z 350, tri-moto, ytm. Majesty 400, x-max 250, x-max 300, x-max 400, x-city 250. Wanting to take advantage of the growing popularity of this vehicle, the company produces the sl-350 powered by a 2-stroke twin-cylinder engine. It was the first snowmobile with a side valve carburettor. The high performance sr433 model is introduced for racing.

The srx440 model puts this manufacturer at the forefront of racing circuits. The snowmobile division headquarters is located in cypress. Yamaha is the world leader in 4-time snowmobiles. Is a Yamaha subsidiary automotive engineering company that has developed competition engines for Formula 1. From 1982 to 1997, the company was run by john judd.

Who already had his own judd engine design office. In fact, from the moment Yamaha decided to invest under its own name in f1, the engines designed by Judd were either called "Judd" or "Yamaha". The f1 stables running with a Yamaha are the following. Yamaha engines animate certain models of volvo automobiles. Above all, Yamaha has studied several sports motors for toyota. (the celica) and the sports car lexus lfa.

Yamaha is one of the leaders in the outboard engine. The range includes about 50 models of 4-stroke and 2-stroke motors, and small electric motors. The engines are equipped with starter primestart to start, a variable speed control system, digital network gauges and ecm engine control microprocessor (engine control module). Strong power: xf375 / xf425, f225 / f250/ f300. Medium power : f150 / f175 / f200, f115 / f130, f80 / f100, f70, ft50 / ft60, f50 / f60, f30 / f40.

Transportable : f2.5, f4 / f5 / f6, f8 / f9.9, f15, f20 / f25. Electric motors: m12 / m18, m20 / m26 / m32, mx18, ms20. Serie motif (motif, motif es, motif xs, motif xf), sy series including sy77.

Which uses vector synthesis, shs-10. With the smallest qy series, the qy10. As big as a cassette, with the top-of-the-range qy700 model.

In particular, yas 62 (the most widespread of the brand), custom 875 ex & 82 z, as well as study models (23, 25, 275, 280) very common in music school. Various musical instruments, including trumpets. Piano disklavier dc6 mark iv pro. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. In music computing, is used in many sound cards.

Used in the atari st. Used in msx-audio cartridge for msx. (or opll) used in the fm-pac cartridge for msx.

(or opl2), used in cards his adlib. And the first sound blaster. (or opl3), used in maps its sound blaster. Pro 2.0 and later. (or opl4) always used in conjunction with a ymf262, used in the moonsound cartridge for msx. Used in some entry-level sound cards. Analog and digital revolution promix 01 in 1990 and more recently 01v. With its surround, produced in 1985. Compact hi-fi systems musiccast mcr-n870d, musiccast mcr-n470d, etc. Hi-fi passive speakers (soavo range) and bass boxes. Disc drives (cd, dvd, blu-ray). Restio isx-80, audio system, wireless speaker connected and controllable via the musiccast controller application.

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  1. dimensions: 103 x 55 cm
  2. modified object: no
  3. print: color
  4. Period: retro (1900-1979)
  5. country of manufacture: Japan
  6. theme: old motorcycle poster

Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn    Affiche Poster Moto Yamaha V-max V Max 1200 Period Original Made In Japan Burn